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  • FAIL more! Even at being sexy ;)

    Failing means you're trying new stuff & LEARNING IS LIVING.
    The many faceted flip-side of failure?

    • succeeding to your own definition
    • achieving what you set out too
    • winning, gaining, appreciating
    • teaching, leading, positive role-modelling
    • using your intelligences
    • feeling happy 

    Sexy's more than just the 'sniggerable" intimate body parts.
    The longer-lasting depths of sexy are gained through:

    • trust, honesty, respect 
    • the energy & courage of maintaining eye contact
    • shared experience
    • acts of service in pre-emptively caring for another 

    Failing is a helpful process of elimination showing us what we don't want.
    Trying new stuff in every sphere of our lives produces incremental improvements and positive changes. 
    Failing at being sexy produces laughter.
    Sounds like the opposite of sad frustration to me.
    Winning ;) 

    Much kindness, and much respect
    from Sharee
    Qualified in Psychology

    #3weekBRAINbootcamp for intelligent Adults

  • Here's the "Easy" on Fixing your Response to Stress:
    TRY IT


    YOU and I are only ever as good professionally as we are personally. 

    We've all got "that friend" that soars professionally but is a train-wreck personally true. BUT ... imagine how that friend could really soar if they actually had it together internally and externally.

    Now back to you.
    Have you ever looked at your default responses to stress? 


    Have you ever turned off your 'autopilot' and actively chosen to respond, rather than react when your buttons are being pushed?

    If you've had enough of being triggered by external forces & losing your cool, here's an "easy" fix:
    instead of letting your blood boil, choose instead to physically smile, just a little bit.
    Yes, I suggest you smile as your first response.

    It commences a whole new chemical reaction inside your brain which affects your mind ... positively. THEN we’re each able to focus on thinking of a solution rather than getting bogged down in being pissed off & wasting time & energy in the heat of the moment.

    Well ... it sounds simple, but remembering to choose to smile is the key.

    Think its hogwash?
    TRY IT.
    For a week.

    If you immediately recognise the smarts of this approach but aren't sure you can remember to use it ... join in the 3 Week Brain Bootcamp starting on 1st of July.
    Here's a link for more info. But be QUICK: closing tomorrow.

    Whatever choice you make, please, try choosing a smile FIRST.

    Come and tell me how this goes for you?

    Kindness from Sharee Campbell                      

    Qualified in:

    Feedback from 3 week Brain Bootcamp:


    “made me accept me for who I am, warts and all”


    “rather than beat myself up or regret choices, I now see the lessons”


    "I finally feel like I've got my shit  together"


    “I find myself more gentle & realistic with my self-expectations & with my expectations of others too”


    “I am much more forgiving of myself and others because of my new outlook on life”


    “less stress, more relaxation though I’m working just as hard”


    “I feel I am more capable of genuine communication”


    “feeling more loving towards my family and people in general”


    “fear and self-doubt are not a worry anymore”


    “my thinking is far wiser”


    “I’m less judgemental”


    “pushing my boundaries is in itself making me stronger & happier”


    “I’m more productive at work”


    “if only the rest of the world could catch on to this, how different life would be”

    “I’m not worried about ridiculous fear-based bullshit happening any more”

    "my kids are learning how to get themselves together through copying my new behaviours"


  • Lighten Your Mental Load

    Progress is hindered when we're weighed down carrying excess "stuff" that we simply do not need in our thinking patterns, nor in our behaviours.
    You KNOW the wisest way forward is to stop and shed some of the stuff you don't need to carry anymore. 

    How do you shed it?
    You share it. 
    "Feel it to heal it".
    With another person you feel you can trust. 

    Are you:

    • working too many hours
    • regretting being grumpy
    • dissatisfied with relationships
    • surrounded by 'simpletons'
    • impatient
    • unkind
    • worried, anxious, or a bit scared

    All of the stuff you promised your Self you were not going to be, do, think, or have when you grew into an adult. IF you've grown into some of that, you CAN change  / grow / evolve from here. 

    SHARE your thinking. With those that know you.
    Or in a small private online growth group of The 3 week BRAIN Bootcamp.

    Either way, lighten your load and maintain or grow your mental strength.

    Health IS our greatest wealth. 

    Much respect to you,

    and much kindness

    from Sharee Campbell

    Qualified in Psychology
    Qualified in Business Development Management
    Qualified in Coaching & Mentoring

  • You know enough to just get on with it. Not next week. Now.
    April 2017

    What exactly are you waiting for before you start?  

    There's likely to always be something else that just "comes up" that stops you until you've developed some momentum.

    How much have you learnt in the last few years? Yes sooooo much.
    Do you really need to keep choosing yet another course from yet another expert? 
    Isn't it time you backed yourself and just started?


    Now is the 'perfect' time.

    Have you used youtube as a perfect source of education yet? You can learn pretty much anything here, and choose between hundreds of people to find your best learning style. 

    How about you make a deal with yourself to START. And to keep growing your skills dedicate 2 hours to learning on youtube every week. It's free. It's highly specific. It'll save you time and money so you can reinvest those resources in your business. 

    No this isn't 'shooting myself in the foot' as an educator. I'd rather you were living your purpose and making genuine headway on your dreams and goals too. Big picture we're all in this together, and together we are mighty.

    Start. It. Now.

    Much respect to you,

    and much kindness

    from Sharee Campbell

    P.S. If you really can't quite pull it all together into a coherent manner to start using all that you've learnt over the last few years. Get in touch & we'll gain you clarity so you can focus on the completion you so very deserve.

    Qualified in Psychology
    Qualified in Business Development Management
    Qualified in Coaching & Mentoring

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    "Your material is powerful and your calendar technique is amazing. I already feel far more productive, able, willing, and keen".
    S Brabazon
    Ink Slinger Success 
    "Thank you for giving far more than would be expected to ensure the successful outcomes of all stakeholders ... your organisational and teaching expertise provide practical insight into time-management. The pace and perfection of your coaching abilities are inspirational".
    B Franklin
    CEO of The esplanade
    "You have proven yourselves to be reliable, trustworthy, honest, adaptable, and consistent in supporting us in achieving excellent results. Thank you Sharee".
    J Johnstone
    The Cleansweep People
    "Recognising Leadership comes from the top, the filter-down effect has proved invaluable from our engagement of your 'Sales are Fun & Asking For Money is Easy" program. We implemented your provided templates to motivate more focused sales work and found it took us less time as well as providing higher revenue results.
    Implementing and measuring our incremental sales-successes has been a new and rewarding journey. We can now report our staff output has greatly improved because of your easy to follow sequential steps. The enthusiasm you offer is mirrored on the ground and we are converted raving fans".
    G Inglis
    CEO Hotel Leasing
    "The course was very informative and easy to understand, considering I have never embarked on Sales advice before. Receiving a written transcript after the course is a bonus I will keep reflecting back to as it will be immensely useful to our progression".
    M Bartell
    Recruitment for Hockey
    "Time is valuable and leverage is wise so meeting online was good ... lot of great strategy and insight into organising Time, with high value bringing in balance by using your calendar planner system. It was cool to attend, and not at all 'Salesy' as you focus on teaching the best outcome for each person involved in every transaction".
    P Luxford
    WP Genie

    "I'd like to recommend your genuinely caring and insightful approach of getting to the guts of an issue and asking questions that I'd never think of to answer. I'm so glad you asked! You boosted my healing when I was at the end of my tether & starting to think I'd be stuck in the past forever. I remain eternally grateful. MP".
    "I consider myself fortunate to be coached by you. You've given inspirational support, encouragement, and leadership. I greatly value your generous contribution to my personal growth. Sharing this journey has been an absolute pleasure. With gratitude & friendship. ZK".
    "Cultivating my inner strength through accessing my blocks and eliminating them one by one has unlocked my ability to lead my team properly in Business, and at home. I'm twice as effective as I was this time last month, and because I'm sticking to the plans & clarity you & I devised, I'll be twice as effective in another 6 months. These 3 months of working together have been incredibly productive & enjoyable. JB".
    "I wish I'd met & talked to you years ago. I expect you'd have saved me from going out of business the first time! I didn't know what motivational psychology was until working with you. Thanks to you I'm now organised with time, make sure I complete before moving on, and my attention span is ten times longer than it used to be. You've set me straight & my sense of purpose is now honed & fulfilling. SF".

    "You're boss AF. LL"
    Any questions, get in touch.

    Start with my Workshop to lay your foundations of sorting out TIME and the concept of "BUY-IN" from others (whether in Business or personally). Your real gold is in the series of 2 months worth of 1 on 1 personal RE-SETting for the adult that you are. To immunise your brain and best use your emotional intelligence. 

    With much respect,
    And much kindness,


  • It's Like Life, simple ... but not easy

    March 2017

    Both your and my state of mind is a choice that comes from how we each choose to react at any given time: consciously and unconsciously.

    We each can choose to repeat ‘old’ patterns.  In a heated discussion I could choose to react with defensive aggression. This serves 2 purposes: 

    1) both parties know what to expect (this ego-based manner of conversing is modeled well as a 'norm' in our culture)

    2) creates more unhappiness (again, this is "normal" ... depression anyone?)


    I could choose to react with compassion & patience. I could listen. I could choose to understand that your displaced negative emotions are amplifying how you feel about your Self, not necessarily about me.
    To my friends, I do.
    To strangers, I do.
    To individuals I respect, I do.

    Have you considered that we all treat Others how we feel about ourselves at that moment in time? So if a person seems angry with you, they’re likely to be either angry with themselves or a situation they find themselves in.

    Replying with kindness. Choosing to smile gently whilst looking a person in the eye. Giving kind supportive body-language & words. THIS is the only behaviour we can ever change ... because it’s my own. Your own.
    Your OWN.

    Choosing to stay calm & gentle increases calm & gentle. In your self. In Others quietly watching, and eventually, in the person that you’re showing how to reach within their self to find their calm and gentle.
    Calm is the cradle of power.

    Choose to speak your thoughts with truth & kindness.
    If it’s hard to focus on what they are, close your eyes, put you hand on your heart, and speak your own knowledge coming from a caring place within your self.

    The more practice you get, the better you’ll get.
    Calm. Kind. Gentle. This is loving.

    Simple. Not easy 

    Much respect to you,

    and much kindness

    from Sharee Campbell

    Qualified in Psychology
    Qualified in Business Development Management
    Qualified in Coaching

    Ph 045 048 1969