Sharee Campbell of Evolva Group

Procrastination Resolution & Psychotherapy

  • Sad sick & angry Vs Resilience Rebooting & Self-Responsibility: choice is YOURS

    Not much point choosing to be a sad-sack ... unless you genuinely enjoy it.
    If you're happy moaning & blaming stay there. Not much fun for anyone around you of course, but if there's no desire to grow out of it, why bother, it won't work.
    If you've recognised you're over being "over it" & are looking for some kind of key to unlock the life you thought you'd always have, next step = working on creating it based on the way you perceive, the way you choose to think, the default patterns changing from 'reacting' into 'responding'.

    Need a map? A bueprint to evolve out of the stuck-ness rather than the trial & effor of DIY? 

    Here's the cumination of my professional practice serving the mental wellbeing of Others since qualifying in Psychology from Otago University in 2005: Brain Bootcamp.

    Want mental wealth & are prepared to do a little work to gain it: #brainbootcamp

    Try it and you may I say.