Sharee Campbell of Evolva Group

Procrastination Resolution & Psychotherapy

  • FAIL more! Even at being sexy ;)

    Failing means you're trying new stuff & LEARNING IS LIVING.
    The many faceted flip-side of failure?

    • succeeding to your own definition
    • achieving what you set out too
    • winning, gaining, appreciating
    • teaching, leading, positive role-modelling
    • using your intelligences
    • feeling happy 

    Sexy's more than just the 'sniggerable" intimate body parts.
    The longer-lasting depths of sexy are gained through:

    • trust, honesty, respect 
    • the energy & courage of maintaining eye contact
    • shared experience
    • acts of service in pre-emptively caring for another 

    Failing is a helpful process of elimination showing us what we don't want.
    Trying new stuff in every sphere of our lives produces incremental improvements and positive changes. 
    Failing at being sexy produces laughter.
    Sounds like the opposite of sad frustration to me.
    Winning ;) 

    Much kindness, and much respect
    from Sharee
    Qualified in Psychology

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  • Who said lazy is bad anyway?

    June 2016 

    Lazy isn't bad! I'm so lazy I'm intrinsically motivated to get my shizzle completed so I can relax and enjoy more time of NOT working. Two valuable processes for owning my own lazy & still living the dream:

    1) I do it right the first time ... no half-arsedness & to the best of my ability

    2) I recognise when something's complete ... and move on




    Resolving procrastination by recognising that there's no such space of 'perfection' for me as:

    a) I'm not a brain surgeon or rocket scientist

    b) In 5 years I'll know so so so much more so what I know now is going to evolve and grow (as in it'll never be 'perfect').




    Sending much ease and flow to you in conquering that procrastination so you can indulge in your inner-lazy-ist too.


    Respectfully, and with much kindness,