Sharee Campbell of Evolva Group

Procrastination Resolution & Psychotherapy

  • Lighten Your Mental Load

    Progress is hindered when we're weighed down carrying excess "stuff" that we simply do not need in our thinking patterns, nor in our behaviours.
    You KNOW the wisest way forward is to stop and shed some of the stuff you don't need to carry anymore. 

    How do you shed it?
    You share it. 
    "Feel it to heal it".
    With another person you feel you can trust. 

    Are you:

    • working too many hours
    • regretting being grumpy
    • dissatisfied with relationships
    • surrounded by 'simpletons'
    • impatient
    • unkind
    • worried, anxious, or a bit scared

    All of the stuff you promised your Self you were not going to be, do, think, or have when you grew into an adult. IF you've grown into some of that, you CAN change  / grow / evolve from here. 

    SHARE your thinking. With those that know you.
    Or in a small private online growth group of The 3 week BRAIN Bootcamp.

    Either way, lighten your load and maintain or grow your mental strength.

    Health IS our greatest wealth. 

    Much respect to you,

    and much kindness

    from Sharee Campbell

    Qualified in Psychology
    Qualified in Business Development Management
    Qualified in Coaching & Mentoring