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  • Wishing You Happy PROCRASTINATING Today

    In the space of NOT DOing we get to schedule, prioritize, tinker.
    A non-conventional flip-side viewpoint is that deferring permits an unconscious mind to grapple the challenge which often unearths your own innate wisdom.

    Ticking away our unconscious mind works on the "deliverable" we're not quite ready to tackle.
    Let it.
    Take some time. Give yourself space.

    If safety's NOT an issue it's healthier to not be Doing all the time. 

    Have a satisfyingly productive day of CHOOSING what get's done, and what does not: guiltlessly.

    Happy weekenderings to you
    from Sharee

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  • This is Why Speaking Your Thinking Is Vital

    March 2017

    1) to attract Others that 'buy into' what you're doing
    2) to repel Others that it's not the right time for 
    3) to own your own state of Being ... too woowoo?

    'Scuse my manners, sorry, I didn't even say "hello"! 

    Sharee here, thank you for being here too :)
    I'm recognising that Time is our mutually scarcest resource so I accidentally jump-started.
    I remember bunny-hopping when learning to drive too. Hmmm ... sensing a pattern ;)  Thankfully it doesn't take long to settle in to smooth-starts. 

    Mostly these days Time is my friend. I've worked for years on solidifying this relationship.
    Have you pretty-much mastered your own time too?

    It took over a decade for me to find my voice when I became an adult, & a part of that was starting to master my own time. Another part ...growing the courage to say 'no' ... initially gently, quietly, and not with much conviction. Ha! I was such a 'Polyanna Pushover'.

    Now (as my lovely husband would attest too) ... I have the courage to speak my peace, and my piece, to match my values. It helps me help better. 

    Why bother to speak our thinking? 

    • we grow
    • to uplift Self; and Others
    • we have to listen better when we share our own thoughts 
    • to learn to respect our own emotions & our state of Being
    • to generate a groundswell of being surrounded by like-minds of doing better, giving more, learning, sharing, living now, celebrating as we go and as we grow ;)
    • even to hinder the "mob-mentality" that arises when many people together DON'T speak up when something is disrespectful
    • to tap into our innate Self-Leadership that may have been 'schooled' out of us (dare I say "conformity pie anyone?")

    Core ingredients to bake a Self-Leadership cake: 

    • write down your Values that are based on Respect
    • share your Values
    • accept Others have differing values (& that that's not innately wrong or bad)
    • behave according to your Values - as often as you can ... like any other training, the more you use the muscle, the stronger it grows. 

    Why get cooking in Self-Leadership?

    Living according to our unique values attracts the energy of alignment ... hey ... stay with me here in 'analogy-kitchen' ... 
    ... and when we're in alignment things flow.
    Time becomes irrelevant.
    Our best efforts are easy, and coherent. We finish what we start!
    This ease of productivity attracts those we're wanting to gain from what we each do.
    It's a circularity of continuous flow. 

    Do you know how electricity can be harnessed from moving air particles? 
    What about how you can speak instantaneously online (or phone) to a friend on the other side of the world with a mere half a second delay (if at all), when it takes days to fly there?
    Me neither (well not succinctly) ...
    I'm saying, if it works for you, keeps you growing, and adds to your happiness and fulfillment, believe what you like, live accordingly, and speak your Peace

    YOUR Peace is nearly as important to me as my own. Self-first in an empathetic way.

    Believe what you like.

    Much respect to you,

    and much kindness

    from Sharee

    Ph 045 048 1969