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  • Here's the "Easy" on Fixing your Response to Stress:
    TRY IT


    YOU and I are only ever as good professionally as we are personally. 

    We've all got "that friend" that soars professionally but is a train-wreck personally true. BUT ... imagine how that friend could really soar if they actually had it together internally and externally.

    Now back to you.
    Have you ever looked at your default responses to stress? 


    Have you ever turned off your 'autopilot' and actively chosen to respond, rather than react when your buttons are being pushed?

    If you've had enough of being triggered by external forces & losing your cool, here's an "easy" fix:
    instead of letting your blood boil, choose instead to physically smile, just a little bit.
    Yes, I suggest you smile as your first response.

    It commences a whole new chemical reaction inside your brain which affects your mind ... positively. THEN we’re each able to focus on thinking of a solution rather than getting bogged down in being pissed off & wasting time & energy in the heat of the moment.

    Well ... it sounds simple, but remembering to choose to smile is the key.

    Think its hogwash?
    TRY IT.
    For a week.

    If you immediately recognise the smarts of this approach but aren't sure you can remember to use it ... join in the 3 Week Brain Bootcamp starting on 1st of July.
    Here's a link for more info. But be QUICK: closing tomorrow.

    Whatever choice you make, please, try choosing a smile FIRST.

    Come and tell me how this goes for you?

    Kindness from Sharee Campbell                      

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    Feedback from 3 week Brain Bootcamp:


    “made me accept me for who I am, warts and all”


    “rather than beat myself up or regret choices, I now see the lessons”


    "I finally feel like I've got my shit  together"


    “I find myself more gentle & realistic with my self-expectations & with my expectations of others too”


    “I am much more forgiving of myself and others because of my new outlook on life”


    “less stress, more relaxation though I’m working just as hard”


    “I feel I am more capable of genuine communication”


    “feeling more loving towards my family and people in general”


    “fear and self-doubt are not a worry anymore”


    “my thinking is far wiser”


    “I’m less judgemental”


    “pushing my boundaries is in itself making me stronger & happier”


    “I’m more productive at work”


    “if only the rest of the world could catch on to this, how different life would be”

    “I’m not worried about ridiculous fear-based bullshit happening any more”

    "my kids are learning how to get themselves together through copying my new behaviours"


  • Lighten Your Mental Load

    Progress is hindered when we're weighed down carrying excess "stuff" that we simply do not need in our thinking patterns, nor in our behaviours.
    You KNOW the wisest way forward is to stop and shed some of the stuff you don't need to carry anymore. 

    How do you shed it?
    You share it. 
    "Feel it to heal it".
    With another person you feel you can trust. 

    Are you:

    • working too many hours
    • regretting being grumpy
    • dissatisfied with relationships
    • surrounded by 'simpletons'
    • impatient
    • unkind
    • worried, anxious, or a bit scared

    All of the stuff you promised your Self you were not going to be, do, think, or have when you grew into an adult. IF you've grown into some of that, you CAN change  / grow / evolve from here. 

    SHARE your thinking. With those that know you.
    Or in a small private online growth group of The 3 week BRAIN Bootcamp.

    Either way, lighten your load and maintain or grow your mental strength.

    Health IS our greatest wealth. 

    Much respect to you,

    and much kindness

    from Sharee Campbell

    Qualified in Psychology
    Qualified in Business Development Management
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