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Frequently Asked Questions

What date does this live group start?

The 1st of the next month we start together. That's the 1st of October 2018. Please register before it's sold out.

How much time is involved each day?

Minimum of 4 minutes a day: 2 minutes in the morning plus 2 minutes in the evening.

Saying that, as with ALL great accomplishments, we tend to get out what we put in, so giving yourself a good 5 minutes in the morning plus a good 15 minutes each evening is far wiser.

Your gold is in USING each day's concept, trialing it, working it, and then sharing what you found. You're being a scientist, so the more notice you take of what you're doing, the more reliable your outcome. 

To properly gain & get my money's worth, what do I need to do?

1) read or listen to each daily concept each morning (for however many days you're choosing this brain bootcamp challenge)
2) use the daily concept, trial it, give it your best effort
3) share the gain from your experience of doing so each afternoon or evening (THIS is the action where your permanent improvements come from).

How's the content delivered?

Short answer = either by email to you directly, or in our secret & private small facebook Group

Long = each day any time after 6:30am that suits you, either:
a) listen to the daily concept sent to you in Messenger or by email (you choose which you prefer)
b) read the daily concept in our private Group in Facebook or by email (again you choose your preference)

Throughout your day you use the daily concept & try it out. 
Each afternoon or evening you record a growth experience that you gained through doing so (in your preferred format of either in our small private group, or by email). 

All your daily feedback is personally responded to by Sharee to either acknowledge, or ask you to gently expand further, if needed. 

Why is Sharee available to me live for the entire time I've chosen?

Choosing to embrace our own personal evolution requires courage, support, and attentive gentle questioning to personally develop wisely. Under professional guidance this is easier & smoother than merely "going it alone". 

I don't want to hear anyone else's drama, but I do want to be included in a small respectful group. What tools do you use?

This is about moving forward proactively, NOT about re-hashing stories that are painful. 
Together we use tools that provide optimum practical insights in the time we have together. These tools are proven to assist & come from Psychodynamic perspective, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), Behaviourism, Humanism, Neuropsychology, and Biopsychology.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

If after completing the daily concepts for the time you chose & paid for (either 3, or 10, or 21 days) you feel you haven't gained at all, of course you'll be refunded. Please note that so far, every Adult completing the length of challenge they've chosen has wished they'd done this years ago (so as yet no refunds have been requested). 

I signed up for the 3 day & now want to stay for the 10, how do I do that?

Simply let us know before or on Day 3 so you can update payment & continue onwards. 

Sharee is here to properly serve, so simply stay in touch.

Same if you originally paid for 10 days & now want to continue growing & gaining for all 21 days, simply upgrade as soon as you want too.

Jennifer H
Jennifer H Powerfully stimulating delivery of exactly what i needed. Thank you!
Pauline M
Pauline M I'm less panicked & feel truly EMPOWERED. I'm far more determined, focused, and aware now
Annette P
Annette P Thanks to you I'm finding my strength & strategy
Julie N
Julie N You are an inspiring bucket of awesome
Virginia P
Virginia P Amidst all the noise of personal & professional development, you are a stand out Sharee
Chris B
Chris B I'm now calmer, wiser, & so much less self-absorbed
Kate Best value for money in any upskilling I've ever undertaken
Lisa C
Lisa C I love that you use real life experiences & great humour to teach. Fun whilst learning
Craig M
Craig M Very enlightening process that's helped change me forever for the better
Linda Mc
Linda Mc I can personally advocate what a brilliant program this is from such a brilliant woman
Michael D
Michael D Using 2 of these bootcamp concepts for the rest of my life, thank you so much Sharee!
Amanda J
Amanda J I’m enjoying this learning, and feeling like I’m getting somewhere solid too. There’s so much wisdom in this brain bootcamp, and I’m glad there’s much humour too
Matt M
Matt M This course has certainly changed my life for the better, I'm far more confident & now can follow through on what I want to do
Wendy P
Wendy P Thanks for inspiring me to be the best me I can be! I now know how

Honest feedback 

Sharee Campbell is a qualified scientist in Psychology, social entrepreneur, active community volunteer, published author, award winning Speaker, CEO of Evolva Group, & founder of the transformational Brain Bootcamp Challenge. This challenge is live, online, global, proven, & available to sample as 3 concepts, or 10, or the full 21 life-improving scientific concepts & heart-based actions over 21 days. 

The development of radical self-leadership that redefines what's uniquely possible for you is as simple as creating a few minutes in the morning plus a few minutes in the evening to reflect with structure. Based in science & gently led, you get to dissolve nonsense clutter from your mind. Working with Sharee means you develop & retain a greater sense of confidence, easier productivity, & deeper enjoyment of your own life. 

What length of challenge can you sustain? Continue as you are, or experience better by being mentally refreshed & able to reframe immediately in any context with your own wisdom. Choose to increase the quality of your daily fulfillment & generate permanent improvements in your ability to focus, experience greater health, and have more time to peacefully enjoy more, better.
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HOW TO CONTROL YOUR OWN MIND without procrastinating
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