with Sharee Campbell BSc Psychology Counsellor


10 day Brain Bootcamp: starting 1st September 2018



Welcome to the creation of your own enduring state of deep peaceful satisfaction & rich life enjoyment. 

Yes, every thing IS how you perceive it to be. 









How do I fix my "stuff"?

Learn to live without: 

* without pretending

* without offending

* without depending

* without defending


Ditch the baggage.








Yes this is for you if you want too:

* learn your triggers

* learn tools of peace

* use practical thinking

* mature self-talk 

* value individuality

* use personal power

* feel better

* stop catastrophising

* own your physical self

* manage stress 

* think positively 

* love unconditionally 










Join this 10 day mental cleanse re-boot & set the solid foundations of mastering your own emotions, gaining control over stress responses, and genuinely achieving. 



By integrating the most effective positive Motivational Psychology tools, you get to mature into the best version of you. Yes it takes some effort. Yes it takes some discipline, but you also know, that when you try anything with the right tools, what you can achieve is truly mighty.


If you haven't tried yet. You're reading this because you're meant too. 


Try it now?


You don't need to keep learning all this free stuff. 

You need a PLAN. 


10 day re-boot

What's this based on?

6 years of qualifying in Psychology at University plus teaching Personal Leadership & procrastination resolution both privately, & in Group Workshops since 2005.  

Professionally we can only ever be as mighty as we are personally.

In this 10 day program I've purposefully collected the most effective "creme de la creme" practical insights from the specialisations of: CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), Behaviourism, Psychdynamic Perspective, Humanism, and Bio-psychology.


This is NOT painful.

This is productive, supported and powerful work. Resolving thinking-pattern-challenges gains you confidence, self-control, internal peace, and grows your state of calm that takes root as you garden it. 


How is the delivery?

Within our small private Facebook Group:

1) you read the daily concept or question = 2 minutes

2) use it at least once during the day by THINKING about it

3) you write a sentance about it that evening = 4 minutes


Realistically, that's a minimum of 6 minutes a day. For 10 days. The gold is in the weaving throughout your thinking during the day. As we progress you'll notice the evolution of your thinking patterns and the deeper development of personal mental security. It's live. Online. Proven. I stay with you every step of the way.


As all forms of health and well-being need to be nurtured and maintained, you're welcome to stay in our private group life-long.








How come it's not free? 
* there's an old wise saying ... "a good job's not cheap, and a cheap job's not good".

* to be of best use assisting properly using motivational psychology I invested over $40K qualifying as a Scientist at University  

* transparency from the start is mutually respectful, there's no 'surprise' charge later. 


This mighty 10 day mental cleanse is the concise amalgamation of education, practical experience, & genuine care. 


One on one this private course is $999 per person.
BUT ... in our small private online group setting, your 10 day Brain Bootcamp is ONLY $99 in your preferred currency below.  


Why wouldn't you develop your mental strength muscles & deeper emotional stability now. Reserve your place TODAY.

  Private course $999 

For you in our small private group
only $99









  Private course $999 

For you in our small private group
only $99









  Private course $999 

For you in our small private group
only $99 









  Private course $999 

For you in our small private group
only $99 






  Private course $999 

For you in our small private group
only £99 

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