Sharee Campbell of Evolva Group

Procrastination Resolution & Psychotherapy

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Australian $1997


USD $1997



NZD $1997


including procrastination resolution

& your personalized Sales Blueprint.




Increasing your effectivity in most aspects of running your Business starts with how you're thinking. For starters you need your head in the right place to maintain your motivation, and to enable necessary growth in skills and abilitiy. Time-managment is crucial. But hey, so too, is time "off".

This growth also includes learning the transaction of exchanging value: sales. Even Doctors do "Sales" one way or another! They each need to be conscious of creating a positive relationship based on trust so that patients return to "buy" again from them. Or we can each go and find another doctor easily enough. Right?


So even if you're not actively setting up shop to sell tens of thousands of products, one way or another you're still selling your self as the means of solving another person's need or want.


After successfully amalgamating qualifications from studying Psychology at University with Business Development Management, Coaching, & Mentoring, this half-day Workshop is your genuinely assistive starting point to gaining you clarity, purpose, and completion where you need it professionally. This is your proven blueprint. 




Why would I choose this live webinar workshop?         



  • I'm not spending effective time on anything and feel pulled in 9 directions
  • I need to grow my sales revenue figures
  • I need practical tools for stress management
  • I need more clients
  • I keep expecting to gain traction 'any day now' but I've been saying that for over a year
  • I'm starting to feel anxious
  • I need some stress managment
  • I'm scared of annoying people by trying to 'sell' to them, or getting a bad reputation
  • I haven't got any time for Sales as well as everything else I do in my Business
  • I'm ready to work to a Plan and get my self and Business sorted: personally and professionally
  • I'm ready to gain the free independent follow-through of Self-Leadership


We work with a wide range of Business ability, market specialties, and annual revenue. We all specialise in the areas we enjoy and are highly effective at. If you're ready to address your knowledge that Sales are the lifeblood of your Business? Come. Learn


It's live.

It's online: we'll email you an easy 1-click link.

It's fully templated (no point in reinventing wheels)


After your Workshop we enjoy a series of private one on ones over the following 2 months to ensure your personalised implementation, and secure your genuine & enduring progress. There's not much point learning something if you're not going to use that knowledge: so we remain in support.


You're smart. You're still reading this because you recognise this is exactly what you need. Great. It's time for you. Let's ensure you make 2018 the year cashflow came to stay.





WHEN:  Wednesday 22nd August 2018


TIME:  9am - 12:15pm NSW Australia & 11am - 2:15pm NZL


WHERE:  Your office: we'll send you an easy 1 link


HOW:  Templates & the link to your LIVE Workshop emailed to you


WHY: The wisest investment in YOUR professional life, is you



  • Fully templated training


  • Half-day Webinar-Workshop


  • Private & confidential follow-up AFTER your workshop for 3 months


  • Six one-on-one personalised implementation meetings to support your fast-tracked & enduring progress of personal & professional strategic leadership


  • $1997




Remember ... a good job's not cheap & a cheap job's not good.