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Sharee Campbell is a qualified scientist in Psychology, social entrepreneur, active community volunteer, published global author, award winning Speaker, CEO of Evolva Group, & founder of the transformational "Brain Bootcamp Invitational Challenge".

"Live joyfully; to the detriment of no Other"

Sharee Campbell Procrastination Resolutionist


I genuinely like and deeply respect us humans. We are all doing our best as often as we try.


At age 8 I knew I wanted to learn about the motivations of human behaviour when I grew up. "What drives one person to react so differently to another despite being in the same context" I wondered? "How come some people that could be crying every day because of their upbringing, didn't? What's strength of character? How do you get it?"


As I grew I continued to wonder how come some shrink small with fear, others rise to genuinely assist, and many more stay put, fully rooted as is? What is that sense of equanimity? And where does it come from?


Motivational Psychology. I realised I could be effective if I learnt about underlying behavioural motivations, about how synapses worked in our brains, and the history of what's been acheived scientifically to this point to further the advancement of individual achievement and conquering of mental limitations.


At university for 6 years in the Science faculty I was a sponge of learning how best I can help sort us each out when needed ... [if you'd like to know more click here]



Living Proof of Sharee's effectivity:


"Your material is powerful and your calandar technique is amazing. I already feel far more productive, able, willing, and keen".

S Brabazon

Ink Slinger Success 


"Thank you for giving far more than would be expected to ensure the successful outcomes of all stakeholders ... your organisational and teaching expertise provide practical insight into time-managment. The pace and perfection of your coaching abilities are inspirational".

B Franklin

CEO of The Esplanade


"... resulting from your program; we have doubled our online customers and successfully quadrupled our reach".

K Fawler

Media Corporation


"With natural exuberance, exceptional motivation and commitment to our Team results, you've helped us get ahead in a fast-paced commercial environment".

K Collins

Station Mgr: Channel 9 TV


"You have proven yourself to be reliable, trustworthy, honest, adaptable, and consistent in supporting us in achieving excellent results. Thank you Sharee".

J Johnstone

The Cleansweep People


"Recognising Leadership comes from the top, the filter-down effect has proved invaluable from our engagement of your program. We implemented your provided templates to motivate more focused work and found it took us less time as well as providing higher revenue results.

Implementing and measuring has been a new and rewarding journey. We can now report our staff output has greatly improved because of your easy to follow sequential steps. The enthusiasm you offer is mirrored on the ground and we are converted raving fans".

G Inglis

CEO Hotel Leasing


"The course was very informative and easy to understand, considering I have never embarked on external advice before. Receiving a written transcript after the course is a bonus I will keep reflecting back to as it will be immensely useful to our progression".

M Bartell

Recruitment for Hockey


"Time is valuable and leverage is wise so meeting online was good ... lot of great strategy and insight, with high value bringing in balance by using your calendar planner system. It was cool to attend as you focus on teaching the best outcome for each person involved in every transaction".

P Luxford

WP Genie