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Personal fulfillment?!

Do I need motivational psychology?

Even top achievers choose to engage Mentors. Gaining new knowledge re-energises us humans. Maintinaing peak performance requires discipline, insight, and strength of character.  


Conversely, everyone goes through challenges in life that sap our energy. While you may have been able to cope with the challenges you’ve encountered, it’s always a good idea to seek extra support when you're feeling overwhelmed, deeply confused, or dead broke in enthusiasm.


When you realize you could do with a helping hand personally or professionaly, you’re taking responsibility admirably by facing challenges in a productive manner. You will gain long-term benefits and tools to overcome your challenges right now, and have them ready for later too.


How can motivational psychology help me?

There are many benefits: kicking old redundant habits whilst being supported and guided in doing so helps find long-term relief.

Gaining clarity, knowing purpose, and working on completing goals and objectives is self-leadership. This is the holy grail we each strive for. Learning self-leadership is extremely valuable in managing personal growth, relationships, career satisfaction, business lucrativity, and the challenges of daily life. Tools and techniques offer different perspectives on complicated challenges and guide you to resolution.


Medication vs. Therapy

Medication does not solve mental challenges and emotional habits alone. Medication treats symptoms, not causes. Motivational psychology is needed in order to address the source of your uncomfortableness, lack of what you deem 'progress', distress, or behavior patterns. It's always wise to check with your medical doctor and see if medication can assist your symptoms too.


What are your qualifications?

I studied Psychology at University for 6 years to qualify with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. 
I am a qualified Mentor with over 20 years experience in leading and teaching Business Development Management within the Private sector, Hospitality, and Training & Education.
My Coaching qualification specialises in young Adult, and I volunteer Coach within the High School consortium of the Northern Rivers region in New South Wales Australia.


Will our conversations remain confidential?

Yes. What we discuss in a session will not be shared with anyone else. Legally I cannot share our conversations unless you offer written consent, except in the perceived context of harm to yourself or Others.  


What happens during conversations?

Typically speaking, we will discuss the things that are currently happening in your life, things that happened in the past that are relevant to your current challenge, and quickly review the gains we’ve had from our previous session. Creating your enduring Self-Leadership by implementing sequential practical tools is our means ... simply put ... we fix that old thinking that doesn't serve you any more. Ultimately, you bring what you’ve discovered or learnt during our conversations into your daily life and gain clarity, purpose, and recognise your own personal fullfillments.


Homework is offered as a means of exercising new thought-processes, and stretching out of being stuck. This is about you.