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Success stories

"I know we only talked once, but I'd like to recommend your genuinely caring and insightful approach of getting to the guts of an issue and asking questions that I'd never think of to answer. I'm so glad you asked! You boosted my healing when I was at the end of my tether & starting to think I'd be stuck in the past forever. I remain eternally grateful". MP.


"I consider myself fortunate to be coached by you. You've given inspirational support, encouragement, and leadership. I greatly value your generous contribution to my growth. Sharing this journey has been an absolute pleasure. With gratitude & friendship". ZK.


"Cultivating my inner strength through accessing my blocks and eliminating them one by one has unlocked my ability to lead my team properly in Business, and at home. I'm twice as effective as I was this time last month, and because I'm sticking to the plans & clarity you & I devised, I'll be twice as effective in another 6 months. These 3 months of working together have been incredibly productive & enjoyable". JB.


"I wish I'd met & talked to you years ago. I expect you'd have saved me from going out of business the first time! I didn't know what motivational psychology was until working with you. Thanks to you I'm now organised with time, make sure I complete before moving on, and my attention span is ten times longer than it used to be. You've set me straight & my sense of purpose is now honed & fulfilling". SF.



Prior to appointment paid in full. Ongoing amount varies to reflect the length of time involved.

Direct bank deposit and all major credit cards are accepted.



$249 including GST for introductory one off appointment. Session summary notes & personalised starter-action plan can be provided by email post-session if required.


Cancellation Policy

Please notify at least 48 hours in advance if you need to cancel your appointment. Otherwise, you will need to bear the full cost of the session. Case by case basis if need be.


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